Dramaturging Your Play

DATE/TIME: Wednesday, 27th January, 10am (approximately two hours)
VENUE: Online
COST: £15.00

Writing a play?

Would you like to dramaturge your own writing?

In this dramaturgy workshop you will be introduced to The Mosaic Scale, Emily’s step by step dramaturgy process to help you edit and develop your stage script. 

For the purposes of this workshop, dramaturgy is: the exploration, development and facilitation of the process of performance making, whether as part of a literary or production process.  

About the workshop:

Follow exercises in the session and have suggestions for further work in your own time to help you:

  • Refine your characters, subject and theme.
  • Learn to write more visually, and get your script to sing. 

The mosaic scale as a process as well as an exercise is a new approach and came as a result of the culmination of my PhD research into the development of a dramaturgy specific to writing for puppet theatre, it is easily transferable to writing for ‘human’ theatre.

The entire process is a mosaic building process, designed to help create the bigger picture of a performative script.

All you need is your script, a notepad and a pen.

About Emily:

Emily LeQuesne is a theatre maker, writer and dramaturg, she has been a theatre maker for 20 years & a puppeteer for over 10.  She also works as an actor, and spent 10 years as a performing arts lecturer and theatre in education workshop facilitator.