Elevating Your Performance from Good to SUCCESSFUL with CD Sue Jones

Discover the difference between a good performance and one that gets you the job!

DATE/TIME: Wednesday, 22nd July @2:30pm (approx. 2 hours)
Cost: £25

A good casting director will bring in anything from 3-15 people for most roles, in all media. This group will represent the very best actors they know. ALL should be good. Great for the casting director – but how does that help you? YOU need to be the one who gets the job.


  • An introduction incorporating interview/casting preparation, presentation and communication in the room, sight reading and camera technique.
  • Actors work in pairs and are given a script on which to work. Scripts have been chosen specifically to highlight how easy it is to fall into a particular trap and to illustrate a broad range of techniques which can be used.
  • The pieces are directed and actors are given feedback and constructive criticism.
  • A review of the session, general advice, and a Q and A on any subject which the actors wish to pursue

About Sue Jones

Sue has worked with directors such as Gary Oldman, Andy Serkis, JohnFrankenheimer, Jonathan Glazer, Steven Berkoff, Joe Carnahan and on three occasions, with Robert de Niro. Commercials directors include Traktor, Mehdi Norowzian, Shane Meadows and Stephen Daldry.

Sue’s workshops are based on years of observing the camera audition techniques of the most skilful and successful actors. The purpose of  her workshops is to improve and refine actors’ audition, interview and reading/performance technique, identifying and eliminating bad habits. The aim is to increase an actor’s success rate at auditions and to begin the process of understanding what is required “in the room”.


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