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What Does The Actors Company LA (UK) do?

TACLA facilitates workshops, showcases, courses, classes, seminars and Q&A sessions.  These are educational/networking events where the prospects of attaining work are very real. Whilst NOTHING is guaranteed, suggested, implied or inferred, since we launched TACLA in the UK in January 2011 a number of actors have been cast, ‘called in’ by prolific Casting Directors and offered (and subsequently accepted) representation with top London Agents. As facilitators of the event, we book the industry professional, the venue and advertise the opportunity to actors. We do not have any say in the format of the workshop, the number of participants or the way in which the individual professionals work.

The standard of actor that we have at our events is very, high and as you can see by the testimonial section of the website casting directors and agents are very impressed with the level of talent present at our events.

Why are we called ‘The Actors Company LA’?

Because TACLA started in Los Angeles in 2007.  We are still going strong there now.  Our workshops and events in West Hollywood have given very many actors access to representation and casting with fantastic agents and amazing productions.

What events do you hold?

We facilitate casting director workshops, agent showcases, classes, courses, seminars and Q & A sessions.

Who can attend our events?

The following criteria is there as much for the benefit of actors as anything else.  Whilst membership of Spotlight is NOT a prerequisite the following points should guide you:

  • You will need a PROFESSIONAL head shot;
  • A strong background in the industry or training with a reputable school;
  • A clear CV showing your achievements in the industry;
  • A repertoire of monologues or song file (dependant on which events you opt for);
  • An e-mail address and the facility to print off scenes prior to events; and
  • A mobile phone that we can contact you on in emergencies.

What is a Casting Director workshop?

An opportunity to meet with and perform in front of a casting director. Each CD has a different format for running the workshop, e.g. actor-chosen monologues, scenes sent out in advance or cold reads at the event. Actors from our workshops have been cast in T.V. soaps and commercials.  The Casting Director reserves the right to change the format of the workshop without prior notice – this can mean that if you were originally asked to prepare scenes provided you may be requested to bring a piece from your own repertoire or invited to participate in a cold-read where no forward preparation is necessary.

All workshops will have a Q&A session, you are advised to take with you a note pad and pen, hard copy of your CV and a head shot even though the CD will already have seen your Spotlight CV (where supplied by you)

How many actors will be there?

There will be anything up to 20 actors (anything between 12-20) in these workshops. ALL actors get to perform at the events, should this not happen for any reason you will be refunded or transferred to another event of your choosing.

Will the Casting Director really be there?

Yes. IF the casting director advertised has an urgent casting or a personal emergency, then either a replacement from that casting house will be substituted OR actors can be transferred/credited/refunded. Reasons will always be given for changes in the advertised programme.

How does that differ to an Agent Showcase?

An agent showcase is the opportunity to be seen by one of the many leading agencies that we have connections with in London and Nationwide. Actors are expected to select and prepare their own monologue to perform at the showcase. Actors from our workshops have gained representation with C.A.M. and Lee Morgan to date.  All showcases offer the potential for representation (with feedback) and whilst NOTHING is guaranteed there have been successes to date for actors whom have showcases through The Actors Company LA.

Do the Agents actually attend?

Yes. We have an extremely good relationship with a very large number of agents who respect us for our professional attitude and the standard of actor that attends our events.

Unlike other companies that ‘invite’ agents to their showcases/workshops we book them personally to attend and unless they have a personal emergency, in which case actors will be offered a re-book date, credit, transfer or refund.

Which Agent Showcase shall I attend?

Please research the agents beforehand. Admittedly not all agents have their client roster on their website, however you should be able to research enough about the agency to discover what their speciality is e.g. stage or screen etc. If you can see their client list and you are too close a cast type for actors, they currently have you may also need to reconsider booking.

Agents tell us they want to know that actors want to be signed by them and have an interest in that agency itself rather than just making ‘blanket’ approaches.

Why are the events different prices?

This is solely dependent on the fee for the industry professional and the venue.

Where are the events held?

At a present we host our events at a number of different locations across London. Details of the venue are not released until 24-48 hours before the event.

How long do the workshops and showcases last?

The majority of workshops and showcases last for 3 hours, some a little under that.  If the group is particularly small they may not extend that long.  If you book for a workshop with either Dan Hubbard or Jeremy Zimmermann they are likely to last closer to the 4-hour mark so be bring a book and your patience, please.

Is Spotlight membership essential for TACLA’s events?

Whilst it is not essential that you are a member of Spotlight you should know that a large number of casting professionals use Spotlight as their own resource when seeking actors for work.

Having said that provided you have a strong background as a professional actor/singer and a professional head shot you are welcome to attend. Currently though for the majority of our events you will not be able to participate if you have no or limited named credits. If in doubt, please ask first. Should you book and be deemed unsuitable you will be refunded.

I emailed or called but didn’t get a reply

If you send an e-mail or call or send a text outside of the hours of 10am to 6pm Monday – Friday, or on a Bank holiday, you are unlikely to get a response until the following working day.  If you are en-route to a workshop and lost, please refer to the detailed instructions on the e-mail that was sent to you or telephone the number therein.  If you (for whatever reason) decide you cannot attend an event you are scheduled for please send a courtesy e-mail as the industry professional will be expecting you to arrive and will be informed of your reason for cancellation/last minute drop-out.

What happens when I pay?

If you have not attended TACLA events before or for over 6 months, then please e-mail to info (@) theactorscompany.co.uk with either your Spotlight view PIN or a head shot and CV along with contact number.  Your space cannot be confirmed until we have received this.

Please check which e-mail address your Pay Pal account is linked to, this is the e-mail address that we will send ALL CORRESPONDENCE to unless you specify in writing otherwise.

When payment is received you will be sent a receipt and confirmation of your booking. If you pay and within 24 hours you do not receive anything other than the automated response (unless it is the weekend) it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to follow up your payment by either phone or e-mail. Occasionally payments do not flag up on the system and you could potentially miss out on an event or find it sold out.


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A fool and his money…

There still exists quite a lot of mixed opinion on the benefit and ‘value’ of events such as those run by TACLA.  It is true that today, in London there are companies offering workshops and showcases that will not give actors genuine opportunities and will take advantage of vulnerable actors who are keen to succeed.  We hear such stories on a regular basis and of course it gives companies like ourselves bad press.  Please take a moment to view the Testimonials for TACLA – you will see we are NOT one of those companies.

There are also ‘agents’ and similar companies who for a price, claim to offer fame and opportunities in Hollywood, etc. – these too should be avoided.

What happens next?

One you have received your receipt with information about the event that you have booked you will be sent scenes (if preparation is required) to learn ahead of the workshop – not until 24-48 hours prior though!

Some CD’s will spoon feed actors more than others so make sure you are aware of what the event promotions states and if it isn’t clear then do contact us to ask. Some of the casting houses we work with will send out a large amount of scenes for the actor to sift through and find their casting type and a scene of approx. 2 minutes. This will take time and effort.

You may be paired by the Casting Director or sent a monologue. If you have not received this 48 hours prior to the event, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to call or e-mail as well as ensuring that the information is not ‘trapped’ in the junk/spam filter of your e-mail.

Along with the final event information you will receive details of the venue which will include a map and the nearest tube/over ground station. Again, it is the actor’s responsibility to check for travel disruptions PRIOR to setting off to the event. If you do not and cannot subsequently attend you will not be refunded, credited or transferred to another event.

What happens if I get ‘cold feet’?

Frequently TACLA receives last minute e-mails/phone calls from actors to cancel for a variety of reasons after scenes are released. Our refund, credit and cancellation policies can be found here. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this because TACLA still has to honour its commitments to the industry professional and the venue regardless of the number of actors attending.

In other words, be prepared to put the effort in when you receive the scenes, having an 11th hour panic is a waste of your money.  Scenes may be sent to you quite close to the event but casting directors have put effort into this prior to the event and it is very frustrating for them when actors drop out at the last minute – the view of industry professionals is that actors should be determined if they wish to achieve.

What are actors expected to provide?

You are requested on the website, event promotion and subsequent booking confirmation to send your Spotlight view PIN or a head shot and resume and a contact number (in case of emergencies). It is also the actor’s responsibility to ensure that we have the correct e-mail address. TACLA will not repeatedly chase actors for this information and if it is not forthcoming you may miss out on the opportunity and find you have wasted your money.

It is also widely expected of actors (by both agents and casting directors) that they should have a ‘repertoire’ of pieces to use in auditions.  These are monologues that are suited to your own casting and ones which you feel portray aspects of you as a performer well.  There are many free resources on the Internet were monologues can be obtained.

You are also asked by TACLA to provide a contact telephone number, if you do not supply this you may not be informed of last minute changes to workshops and showcases.

Why is the event sold out when I go to book?

Even though we send out our event promotions by e-mail, actors are constantly checking our website to see which events are next and very popular casting directors and agents will sell out within hours – sometimes less than that.

Arriving at the venue.

You will be met by the event host and asked to take a seat and be patient. The events are usually 3 hours in duration, however, occasionally they have stretched on much longer and so if you know you need to leave early for a travel connection or work you must state this on your arrival and ask to work early in order that you may leave.

What happens after the event?

TACLA receives a vast amount of praise following the events from both actors and industry professionals. We work tirelessly to ensure that both reap a benefit from workshops and showcases.

You are requested to respect that once the event is over the industry professional has finished working. If you want to know what the policy is for follow-ups after the event, then ask that question in the Q&A please do not detain industry professionals unduly after the event.

Casting Directors are like human filing cabinets, they never forget anyone so even if you are not suitable for what they are currently casting that is not so say you will not be called in at a later date as has happened for actors with Ben Cogan (BBC), Brendan McNamara (Beach Casting) and Carolyn McLeod to name a few.

With agent showcases, it is somewhat different. Many agents will want to follow your progress before making any type of offer or commitment to actors so please be patient. It is not necessary to follow up after an agent showcase UNLESS you have something to say, e.g. you are appearing in a play or have a scene in an upcoming TV show or film then of course notify agents with either a clip, free tickets or the view date.