Get Started & Thrive with Jennifer Kay

DATE/TIME: 20th, 24th, 27th, 31st August & 3rd September, 6pm (two hours, see individual dates below)
VENUE: Online
COST: £15.00/single session, £60 all five sessions

Get Started & Thrive


The workshop series is designed to provide you with the skills to identify and work towards your individual goals within the performance industry. To build a career with longevity underpinned by self-esteem and an excellent working knowledge of how to thrive as an actor in an uncertain industry (even more relevant in these uncertain times!)

Get Started & Thrive is a five-session module perfect for those new to the industry or those looking for a refresher. 

To get the full benefit of the series, sign up for all five (at a great discount- one session is free!) or feel free to choose which sessions apply to you.

1. Motivation & goal settingThursday, 20th August @6pm (two hours)

This session starts meditatively & encourages the student to ‘dream’. The succeeding exercises help the student to break those dreams down into very specific, actionable targets. They will leave with a 12 month roadmap of their own making to start them on their way.

2. Getting StartedMonday, 24th August @6pm (two hours)

What do you ACTUALLY do as you start out on your path as a professional actor? We cover Skills, Building your community & Finding work. Most importantly this session looks at deciding IF you should apply for the work you find. By the end of this workshop the student will know how to read job adverts & make decisions about whether the job is worth their time as a trained professional.

3. Demystifying SpotlightThursday, 27th August @6pm (two hours)

What is it? How do I get on it? How do casting directors use it? An all encompassing jargon busting intensive. Don’t know your BSF from your OOH? After this session you will. Furthermore you’ll know all about agreements (fees) for different types of media & how to write a great application.

4. Transferable SkillsMonday, 31st August @6pm (two hours)

You might leave training & walk straight into Hollywood. You might not. This workshop helps students discover what else their performing skills can offer them. A motivational session discussing how to find work that pays the bills, keeps you happy & enables you to pursue what you REALLY want to be doing. 

5. Money Money MoneyThursday, 3rd September (two hours)

Contracts. Invoices. Budgeting. Keeping Records. Tax returns. Let’s do this.


Jennifer is an Actor and Movement Director with over 15 years experience. She has performed all over the country and trained with some of the biggest names in physical theatre. Movement Direction credits include  Becoming Berenice (Voila! Europe Festival 2018, London), The Flies (Exchange Theatre, The Bunker), Quest for Stolen Beauty (Launchpad19, Sheffield Theatres), My Night with Reg (Green Carnation TC, The Lowry, Manchester). Have a look at more info.

She began teaching Professional Practice classes for the MA course at Arts Ed in 2018 and was quickly encouraged to develop her classes into a 5 session module. She is passionate about access to the arts and hopes her workshops will level the playing field.