RP Accent in Four Easy Parts with Master of Mimicry, Jessica Dennis

DATES/TIME: Fridays- 20 and 27 November; 4 and 11 December, 10am (approx 1.5 hours)
VENUE: Online

RP Accent in 4 Easy Parts

In this small group session, Jessica works with actors to delve a bit deeper into the RP (Received Pronunciation) accent and help you apply it to a text. You’ll look at how to break down an accent and different methods for learning, including mimicry, phonetics, mouth shaping and placement.

Week 1 – nailing consonants
Week 2 – shaping vowels
Week 3 – putting together the pieces
Week 4 – applying your new accent to text


  • Group warm-up (muted, so enjoy yourself!)
  • Chat about tone with work on specific aspects of how to nail any accent
  • Q & A, plus one-to-one work with Jessica

About Jessica:

Jessica Dennis is an actor, singer and voice teacher.

Her variety of accents and voices have been seen and heard in Henry V, The Tempest (Shakespeare’s Rose, York); The Wind In the Willows (Polka Theatre); Meet Me in the Ruins (Belgrade Theatre, Coventry); Romeo and Juliet (Orange Tree Theatre) and Offside (Futures Theatre, National Tour). 

She is also a regular performer for the award-winning Wireless Theatre Company and Audible.