Top Five Tips for Actors in the New Year

Top Five Tips for Actors in the New Year (aka Acting Goal-Setting)

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. Just the word resolution makes me think of wasted gym memberships and broken dreams. That’s not to say that the new year isn’t a great time to re-evaluate. It is! But instead of coming with a vague list of “new you” ideas you’ll likely not keep, why not set some honest goals to truly make this year exactly what you want it to be?

Here are my tips:
  1. Create your vision
  2. Think big
  3. Set deadlines 
  4. Expand your resources
  5. Pick your passion
Choose your goals for you… and you’ll love working towards them!













Create your vision

What do you want your career to look like? I suffer from “I want to do everything” syndrome. Theatre? Absolutely! Film? Bring it! Commercials? Sure! Voiceover? Yes, please! Corporate?… well, you get the idea. This year, I’ve decided to make Theatre (with a capital “T”) my focus. Yes, that probably means I’ll get called in to castings for everything else, but at least I know where to focus my energy.

Think big

This is where I take issue with so-called “SMART” goals. The R is for realistic, and admittedly, there’s no use setting a goal to be an Olympic gymnast at my height (5’10”) and my age (none of your business!)
But shouldn’t you set goals that are as big as your dreams? One successful actress I know told me that she maps out her acting career for the year, including the number of plays (or films or commercials) she plans to do and when. And, for the most part, it works for her. I’m convinced that’s because she knows exactly what she wants, when she wants it- and she does the behind the scenes work to go out and make it happen.

Set deadlines

Whatever your goals, give them a deadline date. If you just decide you’d like to be in your first feature (at some point), or for that matter, lose five kilos (eventually), there is NO sense of urgency. You know what makes things happen? A looming deadline. And accountability, so let someone close to you know your goals (and deadlines), so they can-lovingly!- follow up on your progress.

Expand your resources

What’s the definition of madness? It’s not actually repeating the same thing and expecting a different result, though there is a reason people say that! If you want to achieve new things, you have to expand your reach and your knowledge, meet new people and keep your mind open to unexpected possibilities. Might we suggest a workshop with us to do all of these things?

Pick your passion

Finally, don’t set goals you don’t want to do. The trend this year, at least in advertising, seems to be Veganuary. But what if you love meat? You’ll give up after a week!*
Choose goals that fit you, whether for your acting career, your fitness or your life goals, so that you’re excited about working on them and achieving them. Success isn’t the same for everyone as your goals shouldn’t be either.

We wish you the very best for the new year and know that you can live your goals and dreams- hopefully these tips will be one step toward them!

* Please note: I fully believe in the benefits of being a vegan, especially for the environment- I just know it’s not for everyone! There is a really cute pig if you follow the link, though.