The ‘D Word’: Making Change

‘Diversity’ isn’t just a buzz word- it’s a state of being.

DATE/TIME: Postponed until September

In this seminar ‘artivist’ and artist-producer Ariane Barnes will lead creatives through the basics of applying diversity in practice as an actor, creative, artivist, or producer whilst working in your genius zone. 

Ariane will walk you though a step by step system designed to produce social change from a place of understanding and personal power.

Participants will begin to: 

-Understand the reality for POC creatives through testimonials and applied research. 

-Understand how the different aspects of diversity present and the issues surrounding them. 

-Understand & examine how to rethink the system without exhausting yourself. 
The class will include diversity theory, practical exercises and a Q&A.  Please make sure you have something to write with.

* Please contact us if have issues with affordability. We may be able to offer you a discount for this important workshop seminar.

Organisations, Schools & Institutions are strongly encouraged to contact Ariane at Different Women to enquire about bespoke packages and rates for online and live training.