Top reasons to take our actor workshops

You may have noticed that we’ve expanded our “training” style actor workshops over the past months. We have a few reasons why and we thought we’d share.

First of all, The Actors Company was originally started in L.A., and if there’s one thing in that they know in L.A., it’s that an actor never stops training. We don’t just go to drama school or take a few classes, then, that’s it, we’re perfect actors. Acting is called a craft for a reason- it’s something that requires skill, takes ongoing practice, can be built upon, and is a lifelong journey. So we’re offering workshops that aim to increase your skills, make you more cast-able and will help you to be more well-rounded as an actor (or writer or director or overall human). In other words, we’re going back to our roots! 

Anytime I’ve felt stuck, I just go take a class. I was still in class when I was doing “Gilmore Girls.” You have to go looking for growth and guidance, because the more you work, the less anybody tells you anything. ” – Lauren Graham, actor

It also seems like now is a great time to work on your skills. Yes, things are opening back up (slowly), but wouldn’t you rather go back having learned a new accent or with additional skills to try directing or immersive theatre or knowing more about how Spotlight works? When it comes down to it, we all want to be working, but if there’s less work available then ever, you may as well have the best and most well-rounded skills possible to help get you that work.

Finally, we’re a company run by actors (who love workshops), so we don’t bring in just anyone to lead them. We offer workshops that we ourselves would love to take, with qualified creatives who know what they’re doing. And we keep numbers small so that you have the chance for questions and the opportunity to perform or contribute to the session if that’s relevant. We also keep everything as affordable as possible, because we know that times aren’t exactly easy at the moment.

Even online, we want to keep people connected, build a strong community and have fun. 

So let us know- what type of workshops are you looking for and finding useful at the moment? Is there a skill that you’d love to hone? How can we provide a community for our creatives beyond workshops? Any feedback is always welcome and we love hearing from you.

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