Casting, Performance Ops and Resting Work Subscription Service

The Actors Company LA are very excited to be launching a casting and jobs service for performers.

Since our launch we have been asked constantly by actors and Industry professionals alike to recommend or provide bona fide work opportunities.  Although castings and auditions are incredibly important so are other types of employment for when Hollywood isn’t knocking on the door!


TACLA are charging an administration fee for the subscription service.  Opportunities are added as they become available throughout the day, followed by a weekly round-up of all postings in the previous 7 days.


Whilst TALCA make every endeavour to ensure that the jobs/employers are bona fide it is imperative that performers exercise caution and employ common sense when making applications or arranging meetings.

Reproduction of Castings and Advertisements

Without exception ALL information is reproduced here, with the express and written consent of the Industry Professional or employer concerned.


It is strictly prohibited to share/lend/loan or borrow another person’s login ID. Any breach of this will result in automatic deletion of the user and no refund of payments.

Any advertisements on this website are not personal recommendations from TACLA and should not be considered as such.

Changes to Terms

Membership is currently monthly rolling and you are free to unsubscribe at any time.

TALCA reserve the right to give one months’ notice to make changes and enhancements to the service offered which may result in an increase or decrease, of the subscription amount.  ALL subscribers will be notified prior to this happening and are free to cancel their subscription.


It is not necessary to be a Spotlight member to take advantage of our service, but you must have a professional headshot & CV.


We genuinely hope that you find successful opportunities – let us know how it works out for you!!